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Over My Styled Body

I had the best flight to Palm Springs today thanks to @playstermedia! The app allows you to surf everything from music, audio books, and movies all in one!” - Over My Styled Body

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Maureen Keavey

“It’s like Netflix, but for all the things!” - Maureen Keavy

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Read Forevermore

“The fact that I had access to SO many audiobooks and could try them all until I found one I really wanted to listen to was the greatest thing ever.” - Read Forevermore

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The Ashmores Blog

“Road Trip Essentials for Moms and Kids: One thing that is a must for traveling and at home is this new tablet from Playster! Ainsley has taken it over and loves it!” - The Ashmores Blog

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Folded Pages Distillery

“The nice thing about the service is that you have unlimited access each month to the titles—and for books, they can be downloaded and read on OR offline.” - Folded Pages Distillery

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Andrew T Kearns

“Folks have asked about the music I listen to while traveling. We camped out last weekend and I created a travel playlist on @PlaysterMedia!” - Andrew T Kearns

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Project Motherhood

“I’m reinventing my summer with my new favorite thing – Playster. Spoiler alert: it’s pretty awesome for the whole family, too.” - Project Motherhood

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“The Best Way To Work Different Media Types Into Storytelling: A Look At Playster” - Forbes

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Peruse Project

"The audiobooks is really cool because it doesn't give you tokens -- you can literally download as many as you want every month. Personally, this is really nifty because I'm travelling in less than a week and lugging books is hard when all you've got is a carry-on." - Peruse Project

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A Book Utopia

“Playster is like Netlflix with more stuff. You can get movies, books, tv shows and music for just $25 and I think that is fantastic!” - A Book Utopia

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About To Read

“I love having everything in one place. The idea is that, instead of having Netflix, and Oyster and then a Spotify - you can get all that in one place. I highly recommend checking it out! - About To Read

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