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Playster's assets

Welcome to the Playster press page, where you can download a copy of the Playster logo, icon and approved product images.

If you scroll down, you’ll see our latest press releases – but you can also stay updated on Playster news by following us on Twitter, Facebook and our blog.

For press inquiries and speaking requests, please contact For other enquiries, please refer to our Contact page so that you get through to the right person.

Playster's logos

Playster light logo
Playster light logo
Playster light logo

Basic rules

1. The Playster logo is precisely proportioned. The size and position relationship between the symbol and logotype must remain intact.
2. The logo’s shape, proportion, color, and orientation must not be altered in any way.
3. Clear space must surround the logo on all sides, so that no type, design, or photographic elements encroach on the logo. The space may be white, or a single background color and, at a minimum, must be the width of the symbol.

Press Kit

Our press kit provides journalists with the basic requirements for covering Playster in the media. It explains what Playster offers, how it works and who our major content partners are, while also shedding light on our values and social efforts.

Download the kit today and get acquainted with Playster!

Download Press Kit (PDF)
Playster Press Kit

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