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It’s time to stop overpaying for books and ebooks.

With the price of books and ebooks steadily increasing each year, an average book lover can easily spend hundreds in the blink of an eye. In 2014, book prices increased by 7.4 percent over the course of 12 months and they haven’t slowed down since. Nowadays, paperback books have reached an average retail price of $16.95 and ebooks are clocking in at $14.99. Reading just two titles a month can quickly add up to over $30. That’s $400 a year (or more!) that you could invest, spend on that dream vacation or use to treat yourself instead.

The competition has it all wrong.

Today’s biggest subscription services appear to offer unlimited titles, but in reality, they don’t really deliver. That’s because they force you to pay a monthly fee but only offer you one book in return. That’s the same exact thing as paying for individual titles. At the end of the day, you’re still limited in how much you can read.

250,000+ ebooks


Playster: the world’s only truly unlimited ebook service.

What if you could read 250,000+ premium titles from the world’s biggest publishers for the price of one paperback? Now you can! With Playster, you get access to 250,000+ ebooks with just one click. Your entire library is neatly stored in your pocket and is easily accessible from your phone, tablet and computer at all times. You can even download your favorite titles for offline reading, no matter where you are.

Today’s biggest and best titles.

Home to releases from the world’s biggest publishers, plus indie titles and curated reading lists from over 40 genres, Playster has all of your reading needs covered. New York Times Best Sellers, romance novels, self-help, educational titles, timeless classics and more -- they’re all here, waiting for you.

Read like you own the whole bookstore.

We’ll never limit your selection or force you to pay for individual titles. Whether it’s on your daily commute, your lunch break or a trip abroad, you can turn downtime into reading time in seconds. Forget having to lug around heavy books - with Playster, hundreds of thousands of titles are always at your fingertips. No Internet connection? No problem. You can also access all of your favorites offline from any device.

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How can Playster offer so much for so little?

Playster is the world’s only unlimited multimedia entertainment streaming service and we’re confident you’ll enjoy your ebook experience so much, you’ll give our audiobooks and music a try too.

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