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It’s time to stop overpaying for audiobooks.

Most audiobook services force you to pay for individual titles (anywhere from $10 to $50) or a membership that gets you hooked with one audiobook per month, but makes you pay extra for each additional title you want to listen to. Listening to one audiobook per week can cost upwards of $100 per month for an average audiobook lover.

The competition has it all wrong.

Popular platforms make you pay for each book you listen to or offer a membership that gets you hooked with one title per month, but forces you to pay extra for each additional audiobook.

100,000+ audiobooks


Playster — the world’s only unlimited audiobook service.

With Playster, you can listen to over 100,000 audiobooks with absolutely no restrictions. Enjoy unlimited premium audiobooks the day they’re released and save your hard-earned cash. No more buying credits and no more having to pick and choose based on five-minute samples.

Today’s biggest and best titles.

Home to all your favorite audiobooks, Playster is your go-to source for all of today’s biggest and best titles, made available on the day they’re released.

Listen to 100,000 audiobooks plus thousands of expertly curated playlists, from over 40 genres. Celebrity narrators, New York Times Best Sellers, romance novels, timeless classics — they’re all here, waiting for you.

Truly enjoy audiobooks.

Unlike other services, we’ll never force you to decide if you’d like to use up your monthly credit or pay for an audiobook based on a five-minute sample. Playster gives you the freedom to listen to any book that grabs your attention, and the freedom to change your mind. No more worrying about wasting precious credits or spending money on a title that doesn’t live up to the hype. Don’t like the audiobook you’ve started? No problem. Simply pick another one… or ten.

Download instantly and listen offline.

On your daily commute, at the gym, in the office — Playster’s audiobooks are always just one click away. It’s like having an entire library right in your pocket. No Internet connection? No problem. You can also access all of your favorite titles offline from any device.

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How can Playster offer so much for so little?

Playster is the world’s only unlimited multimedia entertainment streaming service and we’re confident you’ll enjoy your audiobook experience so much, you’ll give our ebooks and music a try too.

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