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From subscription services, like Netflix and Spotify, to smart TVs and traditional cable, entertainment has become such a major part of our everyday lives that we rarely pay attention to how much it actually costs. Add up all the services you’re paying for to access music, books, movies and more and you’re likely spending a fortune. Throw in just one device (the average 8-inch Android tablet costs $200) and the reality is, you’re wasting your hard-earned cash.


The average household spends $3,000 per year on entertainment.

In 2016, the average household spent $2,827 (or 5.6% of its household income) on entertainment, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statics. That’s nearly $3,000 that you could invest, put towards your child’s education or spend on a dream vacation instead. What’s more, keeping up with all the latest mobile devices and replacing broken ones for the whole family can easily cost another $1,000 a year.

Today's biggest and best entertainment.

By partnering with the world’s biggest publishers, labels and studios, Playster is able to offer members over 350,000 premium audiobooks and ebooks from across 40 genre, as well as chart-topping hits from both major and indie labels, award-winning documentaries, educational kids’ content and much more. New titles are added each week on the day they’re released, so you can be sure you’ll always have something new and exciting to stream.

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