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Read Thousands of Books
Time-honored classics and today's best-sellers for $9.95/mth
Watch Movies & TV Shows
The latest blockbusters and thousands of classics for $9.95/mth
Enjoy a World of Music
Millions of songs and albums, completely ad-free for /mth
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More than 7,000 full version games for $9.95/mth
Entertainment unlimited
Games, movies, music & books all for $24.95/mth
Entertainment unlimited
Games, movies, music & books all for $24.95/mth

unlimited games, movies, music & books!

Instant access to millions of titles – and it’s FREE to try!

endless entertainment

Easy access, anywhere

join a growing community

Large digital library

With millions of titles and counting, you’ll find everything you’re looking for and discover new things to enjoy.

Great value

Unlimited music, movies, books and games for as little as $24.95 a month – and it’s FREE to try for 30 days.

Anyone, anytime, anywhere

Works on nearly all web-enabled devices – take it anywhere you go. Essential for families needing variety and flexibility.

Stay up-to-date

Evolving all the time with new devices and features. Join a community that’s always ahead of the curve.

Entertainment unlimited

Playster’s collection will become the largest of its kind on the web. From hipsters to sci-fi geeks, hopeless romantics to golden-agers, there’s something for everyone. Playster unites all genres with an unlimited potential for expansion, delivering you the most complete entertainment package on the market.

Browse Library

Playster has millions of games, movies, music and books, and the library is growing all the time. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for and discover new things, and our personalized recommendations and editors’ picks will guide you to brand new favorites.

7,000+ games

Whether you're into solving puzzles, governing your own kingdom or gunning down alien hordes, Playster has got you covered with a huge number of full-version games to choose from.

    10,000+ movies

    There's a movie for every occasion – and Playster has it. Enjoy the biggest names in film and television, from the latest blockbusters to timeless classics.

      Millions of songs

      With a vast collection of songs and albums in every genre, Playster is the perfect soundtrack to your life, whatever mood you're in.

        100,000+ books

        From time-honored classics to today's best-sellers, Playster will have you hooked on titles from the world's most renowned authors and publishers.

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